Where you need it, when you need it!
How they work!

Page Types:
1) Laminated
Laminate your page
Punch holes with a 3 hole punch
2) Store Bought

Purchase any type of page made for a 3-ring binder.

This allows you to use, indexes, dividers, pouches, photo pages, business card pages or almost any other type of page available at your local office supply or department store.

Mix and match page type to get your information, where you need it, when you need it.

Display Types:

Snap a hinge onto the page
Hinge Bracket mounted to the wall or fastened magnetically to a steel surface. The Hinge Bracket/Hinge Kit contains a Hinge Bracket, 5 hinge sets (displays 10 pages) and magnets.
Hinge Bracket can also be used on music stands, podiums, pianos, and may other places
The Optional Leg Kits can be added to the Hinge Brackets to create a stand for your desk, table or other flat surface.  Legs can be used in an inclined  or upright position,  putting your work at the angle that works best for you. 

Whether mounted to the wall, to a steel surface magnetically, or used with the leg
adaptor kits, Your system is expandable to any number of pages limited only by your available space.
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